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Research is carried out into the dynamics that beget marginalization in different communities in India and to counter the tendencies of monolithic cultural nationalism.

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The Institute publishes the IIC Newsletter twice a year.It is proposed to initiate publication of a social science journal soon.

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In 2005, the University of Mumbai has recognised the Institute of Indian Culture as a postgraduate Research Centre in Anthropology and Sociology.

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A full-fledged Library, which contains a comprehensive collection of above 41,000 books in the areas of culture, society & religion, with special reference to India.

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More about us

The Institute is engaged in conducting research in the areas of CULTURE, SOCIETY and RELIGION.

Vision of the Institute Institute of Indian Culture (IIC) works with a vision towards providing reliable and researched data on Indian culture, society and religion, with the goal of building a just and humane society. It works in collaboration with other research institutes who share the same vision. Institute of Indian Culture is owned, funded and operated by the Society of the Divine Word (SVD) in the service of the civil society and the Indian nation. It seeks to engage with the plural identities that have given shape to the Indian nation, with particular focus on communities on the margins. Over the years the Faculty members of IIC have published about 50 books and over 1000 articles. The Institute has been hosting local, national and international seminars and workshops on different subjects.

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