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Scholarship as Mission

  • Uploaded on: 2017-08-25 07:15:33

IIC had a Memorial Lecture on 29th January, the Institute day. This memorial lecture on ‘Scholarship as Mission’ was in honour of our founder scholar Dr. Stephen Fuchs and delivered by Dr.Agnelo Menezes, the Principal of St. Xavier’s College, Mumbai. According to him Scholarship is an intellectual capital achieved by tenacious individuals. It is the end result of the process where in informed knowledge is transformed into profound wisdom through formal and experiential learning. Although information is universally available today, knowledge and wisdom are being overlooked and so there is the need to revisit the notion of ‘Scholarship’ today. A true scholar must call the bluff of a repeatedly told lie and then campaign for the truth that lies hidden. To achieve this, a scholar has to invest time in real issues, be in touch with those on the margins, spend long hours in libraries and laboratories and expend prolonged periods deliberating and writing. Real scholars are multifaceted and they are rooted in one discipline and yet constantly probe for links with other disciplines. This stimulating talk was followed by a short interactive session. Then we had the release of the book “Globalization and Religion – Interactions and Divergences” by our Provincial Superior Rev. Fr. Paul Vattathara SVD.